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How To Get Relief If You Have Sleep Apnea


TIP! If you want to ease your sleep apnea, it’s crucial that you speak with your physician regarding CPAP machines and which is best for you. These machines might be loud, but they can help you get through the night.

The information found below will help anybody who is suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause extreme problems for those who do not treat it. However, this condition can be managed with the proper treatments. Carefully study the sleep apnea health tips and advice contained in this article and apply them to your life.

TIP! If sleep apnea is an issue for you, and you are a smoker or drinker of alcohol, consider quitting to help with your symptoms. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the back of the throat, which will cause an interference with breathing.

Do you smoke and drink? Try to rid yourself of these horrible habits. They may hurt your air passages. Smoking will cause your throat to swell, and alcohol will relax it too much. If it’s too challenging to give up these habits entirely, you should at least avoid indulging in them as you approach your bedtime.

TIP! Children can also suffer from sleep apnea. If you child exhibits certain symptoms, he or she might have sleep apnea.

Get fitted for a specialty made mouth guard. These special guards are designed to help people who suffer with sleep apnea. They make a good substitute for CPAP machine use, and provide better nighttime comfort. It keeps your air passageways wide open and clear by stabilizing your throat and holding it in the proper position.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! You need to have a complete physical exam and give a thorough medical history in order to get a sleep apnea diagnosis. A sleep study can also shed some light on your sleep problems.

Sleep apnea can benefit from a good diet that results in your losing weight. Not everyone equates bad and good food with sleep apnea, but many people have found out that it does play a role. People who eat unhealthily tend to have sleep apnea more often than those who eat healthier.

TIP! One sure-fire way to combat the problems posed by sleep apnea is proper weight management. Many people have corrected their apnea by losing weight.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition to have. Be aware of the symptoms of sleep apnea and consult your doctor if you are concerned. Once you have been diagnosed, your next step will be a sleep specialist, who may administer a sleeping test using a small monitor to determine the extent of your condition.

TIP! If nasal dryness or congestion is an issue, try a nasal spray. This should clear your airways, at least temporarily.

Find another way to get to sleep other than sleeping pills. Similar to alcohol, a sleeping pill will relax the muscles in your throat. Natural sleep aids, such as melatonin, are much safer. Ask your physician about sleep aids that won’t also affect your breathing.

TIP! You can reduce sleep apnea with exercises to strengthen throat muscles. Sleep apnea occurs when the tissues in your throat collapse into the airways, which ends up obstructing your breathing.

Try and get someone you know to tell you how you sleep through the night. A video recorder can help you discover whether you are sleeping well or struggling. Make sure any video you make includes an audio stream, since certain noises are clues that you may suffer from sleep apnea.

TIP! Avoid excessive drinking if you are a sleep apnea sufferer. When drinking alcohol it causes the muscles in your throat to relax, which results in snoring and blocked airways.

Your physician might ask you to start and maintain a sleep log to get a better grasp on your diagnosis. In it, you’ll be expected to log the hours you sleep nightly, any symptoms you may feel and the overall quality of your sleep. Your partner can let you know if you snore too loudly, jerk your limbs, or stop breathing. This helps the doctor discern whether you have sleep apnea or not.

TIP! Start playing a woodwind instrument. Not only will you enjoy the music and exercise your mind, but you will also exercise the muscles that help you control your breathing.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and require a CPAP machine, make sure you have a medical ID bracelet. If you ever need medical attention in an emergency, it is critical that healthcare providers know that you have this condition and use that machine. With your ID you can inform medical personnel about your sleep apnea and your CPAP device.

Cpap Machine

TIP! When you think you may be a sleep apnea sufferer, it’s important to talk with a physician so they can schedule you for a sleep testing, if necessary. A sleep study is a test that can determine not only if you have apnea but also how severe it is.

Remember to bring the CPAP machine with you if you should happen to require a stay at the hospital. Your CPAP machine should be with you whether you’re admitted to the hospital or visiting the emergency room. Your mask has been fitted to you or maybe you have a special humidifier attached to your mask that a hospital won’t have. You’ll be able to resume your CPAP therapy much easier by having these things in the hospital with you.

TIP! Sleep apnea is a type of throat problem, so strengthening your throat muscles can help alleviate many apnea symptoms. If you want to know how to make your throat stronger, you can do a lot of exercises for that.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and have issues with your sinuses or allergies, have them treated as soon as possible. Your condition already causes you to have trouble breathing while you sleep. You don’t need to deal with anything that will affect your breathing when you sleep. You will sleep better and have a more open airway if you treat nasal problems.

TIP! Do not drink any alcoholic type beverages when living with sleep apnea. Alcohol is not good for your larynx and can cause throat constriction.

Try a good nasal spray to take care of nighttime nasal congestion. Nasal spray can temporarily reduce swelling in your nasal passages. However, they are not suitable for long term use. A quick trip to the pharmacy can turn you onto a host of different treatments that can help reduce nasal congestion.

TIP! Make sure that your throat and jaw muscles both get exercise. Weak muscles can intensify the symptoms of sleep apnea, so add a couple of these types of exercises to your daily routine.

Try using devices that help with snoring. When the airway is closed but still allows a little air through, that’s when snoring is most probable; in sleep apnea, the airways are almost fully closed. This is why it makes perfect sense as to why this might work for you. Anti-snoring devices help you reduce apnea as you sleep.

TIP! Start playing a woodwind instrument. You can pick up instruments like the clarinet or the flute to build your throat muscles.

People with sleep apnea often get good results by losing weight. People who are overweight usually suffer from sleep apnea more. When you lose weight it takes a lot of the pressure off of your airways and allows you to breathe more easily when you sleep.

TIP! There are cases where sleep apnea must be treated with surgery. This is usually when excess tissues in the throat block the airway at night.

You need to have patience when you realize you have sleep apnea. There are a variety of treatments that you can do, but they take time to work. Dropping some pounds might help your sleep apnea, but that might not be the cause. Other options, including the use of a CPAP machine, have helped a great number of people curb their symptoms. For others, surgical techniques to remove airway obstructions may provide the most effective relief. However you go about it, get help and your quality of life will improve.

TIP! A support group is good to join if you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is not as common as some other health problems.

Pick up a wind instrument to play. The music is enjoyable and helps to strengthen the muscles that you use to control your breathing. Training your breathing muscles regularly will make them stronger and they will help you control your symptoms of sleep apnea while you sleep.

TIP! Anyone who has sleep apnea should try to take an afternoon nap to help make up for the loss of sleep they suffer during the night. Not getting enough sleep can take a terrible toll on your health and your ability to function.

As we said before, if you let your sleep apnea go you may become gravely ill. If you have sleep apnea, you must learn about it. Learning about the causes, symptoms and treatments for sleep apnea can help your and your doctor find the right therapy for you specific condition.

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